How does Obesity impact Children’s Health?

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Obesity that begins in childhood can be because by multiple reasons. Overeating, genetics and lifestyle can be some of those. Regardless of the numerous reasons, Obesity grows with the child if not controlled in time. Gradually, it results in multiple chronic disorders like Diabetes.


There can be many causes that may lead to Obesity in your child. However, poor eating habit is one of the main reasons. Genetics, lifestyle, culture and socio-economic conditions are also responsible for Obesity in childhood. Whatever the reason, your child can still overcome Obesity.

Diabetes and Disorders

Diabetes is a disorder that is commonly associated with Obesity. It is a significant health risk that affects physical and mental health. As a child, it will cut down the life experiences that are a part of building the life ahead. Insulin imbalance can show itself in more comprehensive issues beyond Diabetes. Obesity is also a leading cause of disorders like Asthma, Hypertension, Sleep Apnea and Cardiac disorders.

From Stress to Distress

Not only physically, but Obesity affects a child mentally too. From name calling to feeling lonely, a child may face many things in society being Obese. The trauma from these encounters and treatment can permanently distress children. A child’s mind and body are developing, and proper nutrition is vital for their overall development.

Obesity is not the end. Choose to bring a healthy change today. Most disorders can be resolved with one step toward winning over Obesity. Get in touch with an expert to know more. Give us a call at 62320 12342.